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Disclaimer: Any works of fiction posted in this journal should not be construed as expressing interest, soliciting, or encouraging illegal activity. Responses to posts in this journal or friending this journal should not be construed as expressing interest, soliciting, or encouraging illegal activity. (This is what we call covering our bases)


Aliens (1986)

Start At The Edge
After the events of Aliens, Ripley finds herself in a situation she would have preferred to avoid. Ripley/Hicks, Newt. PG.



Mother's Womb
Aizen had a plan, we all know that. He wasn't the only one with one. Gotei 13 ensemble. PG.

The Early Cat Catches The Shopkeeper
In the morning, she wakes up first, rare for her, especially after a night out but she recovers her energies so much faster in feline form. Yoruichi/Urahara. R.

At The End of the Day
He tries to stay focused in the office, he really does, but he can't help himself. His attention drifts. Shunsui/Nanao. NC-17.

Edge of Seveteen
Did you know there are 517 days in seventeen months? Rukia learns. Rukia, Ensemble, Ichigo/Rukia. R.

Pressed Under The Skin
"you cut your hair," he twists in his chair watching her approach. Ichigo, Rukia/Ichigo. R.

This Is Why We Call First
Ichigo and Rukia look at each other, again, and then warily stare at the open door. Rukia/Ichigo + family. PG-13.

Changes Before the Dawn
she can't sleep. it's different in this room. the ceiling has stars. Rukia, Rukia/Ichigo. PG.

Perception of Truth
isshin never thought he was such a good liar. Isshin Kurosaki. G.



The Past is Prologue
her thumb still rubs at her ring finger like it’s looking for something. Sarah, Chuck/Sarah. PG-13.

Midnight Pick Me Up
ellie glares down at him. “shut up,” she mumbles and kicks his side a little. Ellie, Ellie/Devon. R.

This Hasn't Happened Before
“we haven’t done this before." Sarah, Chuck/Sarah. R.

It's Another Kind of Life
It may not look like it now, but four years ago Charlotte Irina Bartowski had a plan. Rule 63!Chuck, R63!Chuck/R63!Sarah. PG-13.

Dr. Ellie Bartowski, Intersect
Ellie gets in the intersect instead of Chuck. Ellie, Ellie/Devon. PG

If Neo and Trinity Managed, Why Can’t We?
The Intersect's new upgrades might be cool, but that doesn't mean they make everything easy again. Chuck, Chuck/Sarah. PG-15.

Kettles (Nothing Boils Even With Eyes Closed)
Sarah and Ellie talk over dresses and cookies. Gen; Sarah, Ellie. PG.

Truth is Ticking Down
The thing is, just because he wants to confront her about it doesn’t mean he does. Chuck, Chuck/Sarah. PG.

Let's Play a Spy Game
She finds him in New York by accident. Carina, Carina/Bryce-ish. PG-13.


Cowboy Bebop

Twilight of White Nights
The grate is cold and sharp at her back, the grooves pressing and marking her in ways she knows he won't. Faye, Faye/Spike. R.



-aliens? They’re real?
SGA/Fringe; An SGA/Fringe cross over where Walter is awesome and corrects Rodney's math. Gen. PG.

Like Spinning Plates
Heroes/SCC; Secrets, secrets like theirs, aren't the type to record and keep for posterity, but she smiles so wide and real that he can't help himself.  John, Claire. PG-13.

Spectrum Analysis: Spectroscopy
SG-1/SGA/Bones/Alias/Firefly. Spectrum Analysis is my "drabble" series for the SGverse for various character pairings and interactions. This expands to cross over with other fandoms. multiship/gen. PG-13.

It Was Simple Then
Heroes/SCC; Elizabeth met Nathan's eyes and weighed her options, looking out the window at the falling snow, she grinned, "Spring rolls and crispy duck?" Gen; Nathan, Elizabeth. PG-13.

Rescues; So Over Rated
Heroes/SGA; “Nice to meet you, Claire, my name is Elizabeth.” Elizabeth, Claire. PG.

angel by your side, but a devil on her way
Firefly/Heroes; He (She) doesn't belong. River/Peter; R.

Comfort Is The Night Gone Black, the crazy.
co-author: little_giddy, because we're just crazier together.
Heroes/SCC; How it starts: Hiro always tells the stories. He’s the only one who’s really knows them all. crack!fic. Derek/Sarah, Nathan/Sarah, Kyle/Sarah, Peter/Sarah, John/Claire, Hiro, Slyar, Cameron. PG-13.



Beginning Comma A
After Alpha, before Claire Saunders, Whiskey gets asked a question. Gen; Whiskey, Adelle. PG.

Being Somebody
Sierra steps up carefully towards him and asks, “Can I touch them?” Victor/Sierra. PG-13.

All The King's Men
Every experiment has test subjects. Some don’t quiet go as planned. Ensemble, DeWitt/Dominic UST. PG-13.

What Was Left In The Box
It’s a whole new world. The problem is having to live in it. Dominic, DeWitt/Dominic. R.



Spun Sugar and Maths
River sees patterns in everything, even when she doesn't try. River, Kaylee. PG.

A Lethal Concerto
Except for being crazy she's the picture of health. River. PG.

What The Thunder Said
River studied the grains of sand and then stuck her finger in them and drew the lines connecting the universe. River, Mal. PG.

Losers Like Us
she doesn't even know why she's in this group, she doesn't even sing. AU. River, Crew. G.



Be Okay
it's been a tough first week but she's okay. she's always okay. Olivia Dunham, Charlie Francis. G.

Sounds in the Background
driving to liberty island, the radio keeps on. Olivia Dunham. G.

Space Cases
space is supposed to be quiet, but if it was it would be boring. AU. Astrid, Astrid/Lincoln. PG.


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The Girls in the Valley
Winry gets a visitor in Rush vValley. Winry, Lan Fan, Mr. Garfiel. G.


Game of Thrones (HBO) // A Song of Fire and Ice

Sun, Moon, and Winged beasts
She waited in the tent as night fell listening to the last sounds of drinking and sex and horses that filtered through the flaps. Daenerys, Dany/Drogo. light R.

Waters of Ibiza
morning after a night out. AU. Arianne Martell, Arianne/Asha. PG-13.



What She Knows
Rachel Berry is aware of the people around her. She has been since she was little, but they never seem to really take note of her. Rachel (and others). PG.

In The Background
this crush is getting out of control. Guitar Guy Ben, Rachel Berry, Ben/Rachel. PG-13

Tequila Makes Everyone Friends
they did not plan to be friends in college. who cares if they lived in the same city. Santana, Rachel. PG-13.

Twelve Days Hours of Gleeks
December 25th with the gleeks. all gleeks; mentions of canon pairing up until the Christmas episode; Quinn/Sam, Tina/Mike, Britt/Artie mostly with some of Puck/Rachel friendship. PG

He Showed Off, Splashing Around (Summer Days Series)
Her boyfriend is a moron. Rachel, Puck/Rachel. PG-13.

Summer Lovin', Had Me A Blast (Summer Days Series)
Puck's summer involves driving to Rachel's house, a lot. Puck, Puck/Rachel friendship UST. PG

Oh, Honey, Honey
Perfect, that’s what everybody wants. Isn’t it? Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not what fits. Rachel, Puck/Rachel, Finn/Rachel. PG.

In the immortal words of Clue: that's how it went, but this is how it could have gone. Everything ends differently. Puck, Puck/Rachel. PG-13.

Working Double Time On That Seduction Line
So love stories are for punks. This is so much more badass than that. Puck, Puck/Rachel. PG-13.

like that stupid police song
Dating Rachel Berry was bound to be full of a lot things to make Puck wonder why the hell he was even in this relationship. Thing is, he was well aware of all of that… Puck, Puck/Rachel. PG-13. FLUFF.

Don't Do Sadness
the entire situation creeps up on her and she swears she should have seen it coming. Rachel, Puck/Rachel UST. PG-13.


Gossip Girl

What Can I Do For You Today? Same Thing As Yesterday
they use his credit card to get some supplies at one of the airport stores. Blair, Blair/Dan. PG-13.


Harry Potter

All So Quiet
luna and harry in a quiet moment a few weeks after the war. Luna Lovegood, Luna/Harry. G.

Life Orbiting the Earth
luna's life after deathly hallows isn't quite whatever everyone thought, which actually makes perfect sense. Luna Lovegood. PG-13.



Claire just want the originals. Claire. PG.

An Expected Life
Nathan's life was always planned out for him. He knew it. He accepted it. Nathan, Claire, Meredith, past Nathan/Meredith. pre-show. PG.

"a belief which leaves no place for doubt is not a belief; it is a superstition"
He hears muttering, praying, in Spanish each night before she falls asleep. Slyar/Maya. R.



(Odd) Couple
Oscar and Felix didn't have these problems. Hardison is having pure thoughts--really he is. Alec, Parker/Hardison. FLUFF. PG.



Skip, Divide
five instances where Juliet and Sawyers paths crossed and one prelude to a coffee date. Juliet, Juliet/James. PG.

Looking Up Into Sapphire Tinted Skies
As she watches James run out of their room, Juliet can feel it in her bones: change. Juliet, Juliet/Sawyer. PG-13.

The Second to the Last
Juliet’s last moments don’t have her life flashing before her eyes. Juliet, mentions of Juliet/Sawyer. PG


Merlin (BBC)

Five Visions Morgana Had That Changed Camelot
Her visions have always felt so real that sometimes the line blurs too much. Morgana, Morgana/Arthur. R. (written for merlin_rarepair)

Two Parts Hydrogen (One Part Oxygen)
Arthur is not clueless, but he might be jealous. A little. Maybe. Arthur, Arthur/Morgana/Merlin. PG.

Went Walking In a Funny Little Forest
After Merlin and Morgana have to leave Camelot for their own safety, they find the forest very... interesting. Morgana, Merlin/Morgana. PG.

It Will Tear Up Apart
It is not love, for love is dangerous creature that not even magic can control. Morgana, Merlin/Morgana. PWP. NC-17.

10,000 Nights of Thunder
The call comes around noon and changes all their lives. multiship/gen; Merlin/Morgana, Merlin/Arthur, Arthur/Morgana. PG-13. (Written for reel_merlin

The Soul of Our Shoes Are All Worn Down
It makes sense that Morgana finds out first. Of course, it makes it messier when Arthur does. gen; Merlin, Morgana, Arthur, Gwen. PG-13.

Five Times Merlin and Arthur Are Completely Shameless About Their Relationship
Co-writer: little_giddy
It seems to be prompted by the fact that they can't keep their hands off of each other. Merlin/Arthur. PG-15.


New Girl

Operation: Chicago Christmas
jess feels bad about nick missing his flight and recruits cece and schmidt to help her. Jess, Cece, Schmidt, Nick, Winston. G.

on the 25th they end up at cece's family christmas party. Jess, Jess/Nick. PG.

Let's Talk in Baseball Metaphors (Wait, What Are They Again?)
The evolution of jess and Nick's hook ups via alcohol and some soberness, but not enough. Jess, Jess/Nick. R.


Robin Hood (BBC)

Images of Broken Light
War is not the greatest of adventures. Robin, Much, Robin/Much. Pre-show. R.


Sailor Moon

Just An Instant Gut Reaction
one sprained ankle changes the course of mamoru's entire final dance showcase and maybe more. Mamoru, Usagi/Mamoru. PG.

Frost Nipping At Your Nose
rei has visitor and it's snowing on christmas, how cliche. Rei Hino, Rei/Jadeite. PG.

Four Into One
the past lingers in their bones. the present builds itself in their hearts. Inner Senshi, Usagi. G.

You Can Never Go Home Again, That's What They Say
Kale Conway gets a rude awakening and a slew of past memories, and then things get really complicated. Kunzite, Shitennou, Usagi/Mamoru, past Minako/Kunzite. PG.

Sometimes It's a Good Hurt
minako is dealing with the return of the shitennou and what she remembers from the silver millenium. Minako, Usagi, past and present Minako/Kunzite. PG-13.

Meet in the Middle
girl meets boy, girl flirts with boy, girl finds out boy is running against her in a political race. Usagi, Usagi/Mamoru. PG.


Stargate SG-1

Let Me Be Your Ticket Home
His eyes snap open. Vala runs. His eyes snap open. Vala keeps running. His eyes snap open. He runs with Vala. Lather, rinse, repeat. Daniel Jackson, Daniel/Vala. PG-13.

A Couple's Thing, Apparently
they're told this is a step most couples make and they're not comfortable with that. Daniel Jackson, Daniel/Vala. G.

Some Things Should Be Simple
nine steps to a successfully marrying a space pirate. Daniel, Daniel/Vala. SG1 team. PG.

On the First Day [1 | 2]
The twelve days of Christmas are generally typifying by two people giving and receiving certain gifts to each other. Sometimes not even on purpose. Daniel/Vala. PG.

ONLY FOOLS [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 ]
In the waters of the Caribbean lie treasures unfound, leave it to Vala and Daniel to look for the one that causes them the most trouble. AU. Daniel/Vala, ensemble including SGA characters. R.

The Marriage Files
They don’t like to talk about the fact they’ve been married about six times off-world. Daniel/Vala. PG-13.

We Did A Bad, Bad Thing
Daniel and Vala have sex. And it's bad. Vala; Daniel/Vala. PWP. NC-17.

Easy Complexity
A slow realisation, hot sex, and a happy ending. Vala; Cameron/Vala. NC-17. ( Written for sg_rarepairings; comm link)

We Don't Pray That Way [ Part 1 Part 2 ]
The visiting members of SG-1 were off visiting some new allies when the word came that Earth was going to blow the gate. By the time they get to Atlantis, it was too late to go home. They get the radio call in the middle of the night. Gen. PG-13. Written for apocalypse_kree

Same Story, Told Twice
“Excuse me, it’s not like I have much practice at this.” Daniel gritted out through his clenched teeth, gripping Vala’s hips again, straightening his back and tensing his arms to hold her weight. “And it’s not like you’re light.” He muttered not too quietly.  Vala; Daniel/Vala. PG-13.

Black Ops
It's that time where anything goes. Vala, Teal'c and guns. PG.

Love Is A Matter Of Faith
It's become a ritual between them, the hair brushing. A gentle gesture before they head to bed. Neither remember how it started, but they no longer question it. Vala; Vala/Sha're. PG.

Five Times Cameron Mitchell catches Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran making out
five times Cameron Mitchell wishes he didn't have to bare witness to. Cameron; Daniel/Vala. PG-13.

Set The Fire To The Third Bar
He knows who’s calling. She had called for the first time two days after Daniel and Jack’s still not sure how she got the number but then again, he really doesn’t care. Jack; Daniel/Vala. PG-13. Written for dv_exchange

Now Rehearsed We Stay, Love
They are things, places, assigned to her and she cannot qualify them as her own. She can pretend it. Vala, Daniel. PG.

Dying Fire Lights The Sky
It had only been a matter of time. For a mission to go wrong – they had been having too much good of luck as of late. Vala; Daniel/Vala. PG-13.

I'll Cover You
I hate to admit this, but I think I’m getting somewhat slightly used to having him around all the time and worst of all I’m pretty sure I don’t hate it at all. Vala; Daniel/Vala. FLUFF. PG.

Present Sense Impression
He might have then pushed her away, but the feeling of that smooth pale expanse remained with him. [Remained, past form of remain |riˈmān|verb...]. Daniel; Daniel/Vala. PWP. NC-17.

A Girl's Gotta Do...
 She is trapped between Daniel, his desk and chair and while that's all well and good, she needs more. Vala; Daniel/Vala. PWP. NC-17.

Two Guys (For Every Girl)
Vala stretches her neck allowing Jack room to erase her scar with his touch, it’s one of his things and Vala likes it, opening her eyes she meets Daniel’s across from her. Vala; Daniel/Jack/Vala. PWP. NC-17.

Valerie Malden is human. Human from Earth human. Daniel, Vala (Valerie). PG.

SG-1 does Thanksgiving
One wouldn't think it would be them who would ruin dinner. But it is.  Gen. PG-13.

SG-1 does Valentine's Day
Vala wants to celebrate Valentine's day, the boys, not so much. Vala; gen. PG.

Where Our Paths Diverged
She came back. If only for a while. Then she left. Again.. Daniel; Daniel/Vala. PG-13.

Scratching The Sun
Everything had happened so fast. Life happened so fast. Vala; Daniel/Vala. PG-13.

Now Comes The Night
Their lives changed in this moment. Vala; Daniel/Vala. PG-13.

Somewhere Only We Know
Teal'c sees another lifetime pass him by. Teal'c; Gen, some light mentions of Daniel/Vala. PG.

On The Other Side Of Everything
After the time on the Odyssey, Teal’c has to reconcile the memories of the team he left behind with ones of the team he got back. Teal’c; team fic with mentions of Daniel/Vala. PG.

The Colours Of The Rainbow
They've never met a girl like her before, and she can't help but shine. Gen; Vala and Company. PG-13.

The Bubbly Series [Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4]
One night with Daniel and Vala in a hotel. Daniel; Daniel/Vala. FLUFF. PG-R.

Inside [Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3]
She had been in there for days. Daniel/Vala, hurt/comfort. PG-13.

The Physicochemical Composition of Alcohol and Girl’s Night Out 
Sam. Vala. A night out. Friendship; Sam, Vala. PG-13.

More Than Just Bad Luck
Daniel and Vala make their own luck. Daniel/Vala, shameless action and fluff. PG.

Bijou Vignettes
Daniel and Vala through random points in their relationship. Daniel/Vala. FLUFF.PG-R.

The cigarette smoke shines a dusty blue in the light that the sign that hanging over the bar provides. It is late and the only people out at this time are the people whose home and dreams are even darker than the streets. AU; Daniel/Vala, team. PG-R.

Pure Morning
On a visiting trip to Colorado Springs, Jack walks in on the morning after. Crackish fun! Jack, Daniel/Vala. PG-13.

Out of time I see wishes fly…
The world, for us, is about to end. Daniel, Daniel/Vala. PG.

The Days When Everything Is Grey
Post-Dominion. We’ve all had our minds messed with, and we get that there can be an adjustment period. Just don’t avoid us. Talk. Gen; Cam, Vala. PG.

In The Fell Clutch Of Circumstance
Mitchell, when the time comes, cut the green one… Tag for “Ripple Effect”; Cam, team. PG-13.

The Backwards Fall
He could still hear the good doctor floating like a mist in the back of his mind. Ba'al/Quetesh; Daniel/Vala. R.

Melts With You
He almost chokes on the heat because Vala walks into the living room wearing quite possibly the tiniest pair of jean shorts he’s ever seen and the already stifling room suddenly feels hotter. Daniel, Daniel/Vala. R.

When The House Falls
Then a bright light engulfed the room and Daniel and Adria were gone. Vala had felt her heart stop and promptly fainted.  Vala; Daniel/Vala, Sam/Jack, team!fic. PG-13

Compromises and Anticipation
Daniel Jackson had never felt this nervous before. He didn’t even understand as to why--- it wasn’t as if he had never been married before. Daniel/Vala; uber fluff. PG. (All little_giddy’s fault; sequel to her fic Compromises.)

The Waiting Game
Plus the fact that she was currently talking to an empty room to keep an out of phase Carter company, this fact alone kick her up a couple of notches in Jack’s book. tag for "The Road Not Taken"; Jack, Vala, Daniel/Vala UST. PG.

The Leaving Song
It was bad enough that her daughter had been the proverbial “symbol” for this war. Vala, Vala/Tomin, Vala/Daniel. PG.

Denail (Daniel)
The first time he understands that she hides behind her pigtails, innuendo and flirtations she doesn’t even remember who she really is, much less who he really is. Daniel, Daniel/Vala UST. G.


Stargate: Atlantis

Bed Rest Is Key
She thought he was asleep when she came to see him later after the Carson cleared him out of the infirmary. Elizabeth, John/Elizabeth. PG-15. FLUFFY.

Ready, Tiger?
john thinks he's got the upper hand, being a dude and all. john is wrong. AU. Elizabeth, John/Elizabeth. PG

Lost In The Veins of this City [@AO3 | @wraithbait]
Co-author: little_giddy
As the death toll rises in the city of Atlantis, detectives Elizabeth Weir and John Sheppard attempt to find the source of the problem, but all is not as it seems and what begins as a simple case may change their world, again. AU; Sheppard/Weir. R. feedback post.

No Drop of Water
Co-author: little_giddy
After a mission goes wrong Elizabeth finds herself on a desert planet, alone. Now she has to survive and try and make it back home. Elizabeth, Rodney, John/Elizabeth pre-ship. PG-13.

The Waxing Night Of A Lantean Summer
Lying comfortably on her bed, clad in her rarely donned track shorts and tank top, Elizabeth rolled lazily on the bed, fingers arching to reach the watch on the nightstand and took a look at the hour. Elizabeth, Sheppard/Weir. NC-17.

At Sunset
Sometimes Elizabeth thinks about how they got here. How fast they got here. Then she thinks there was no other place for them to go. Elizabeth, Sheppard/Weir. NC-17.

Our Theories Couldn’t Explain It All
They all want to hold on to Atlantis for just a little bit longer and if it means dinner in the hotel’s restaurant then so be it. Elizabeth, John/Elizabeth. R.

Waiting Without You
It’s about a second before he hears the knock and grimacing he goes to open it, not all that surprised at the person on the other side. John, John/Elizabeth. NC-17.

To Feel The World Is Solid
She can’t sleep for nights after the nanites. Elizabeth, John/Elizabeth. NC-17.

Weekend Work
John leaned up, his hands pushing her shirt up, "It's Saturday Elizabeth, we have all weekend to finish." Elizabeth, John/Elizabeth. R.

The Desert Is Dry And All The Water Is Dirty
She fights. Always. Elizabeth. PG.

Inertia Creeps
It wakes slowly. John, John/Elizabeth, John/Teyla. PG.

Under Pressure
The way he held her, the way he kissed her, it all was familiar but at the same time not. Elizabeth, John/Elizabeth. R.

 This is her breakdown. Elizabeth, John, friendship. G.


Stargate SG-1/Atlantis

Little Tales
25 one sentence fics for stargateland. Ronon/Jenn, Daniel/Vala, Cameron/Carolyn. Mostly gen sentences though. G- PG-13.

Back To The Top Slide We Go
Vala’s vacation took an interesting and very unplanned turn. Gen; Vala, Elizabeth. PG.

Spectrum Analysis [Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 ]
This is what I’ve been calling the crack!drabbles, because it started with one crackish ship and then evolved. Not all the pairings are romantic in nature and some not really all that crackish at all. Many ships. G-R.

Keeping Up
"Wow, I must say, Jack, I did not expect you to keep up with us," Vala smirked as she hopped onto the counter in Jack's Washington home. Elizabeth, Vala/Jack/Elizabeth. PG-13.

All Sparks
When Cameron Mitchell comes to Atlantis, Elizabeth can’t take her eyes off him. Elizabeth, Elizabeth/Teyla/Cameron. NC-17.

Then, at the same time, they made their way to their desired object; both moving at the same slow speed, with the same challenge and hunger in their eyes. Gen, Vala, Elizabeth. G. Fluffy!

Creative Negotiator
He leaned forward and Elizabeth followed the line of his shoulders in the blue jacket. Elizabeth, Elizabeth/Jack. PG-13.

Taste of Something More
Cam only stares at her over his shoulder fake hurt clouding his face, “That hurts Elizabeth, and just because I’m a pilot, I’m sure.” Elizabeth, Elizabeth/Cameron. PG.

Dropping his hands to her inner thighs, he doesn’t push his fingers inside, letting himself trail and linger by the skin there and Elizabeth fights not to push up into his hands, hoping to catch a finger. Elizabeth, Elizabeth/Cameron. NC-17.


Step Up (films)

He's her dance teacher and his brother flirts with her every day. Andie, Chase, Andie/Blake. PG.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Across The Table The Enemy Lies
The breakfast table is an ideal place for talking about death and the future. Derek, Cameron. PG.

Living To Your End
She is the child of Skynet and he should hate her. John, John/Kate, Cameron. PG-13.

We Fall Fast, Mercy Me It'll Never Last
They had stopped her cancer by hop scotching trough time, like they had stopped Judgment Day. Gen; Sarah, minor Sarah/Charley. PG-13.


The Hunger Games

They Never Were
Five things that almost happened to Gale and Katniss, because according to the odds they could have happened. Gale, Gale/Katniss. PG-R.


Thor (2011)

Let's Go to the Mall, Today!
this is not the babysitting your mother did. Darcy, Sif, The Warriors Three. G

Set With The Stars
Jane tries to teach thor earth's stars. Tries, being the operative word. Jane Foster, Jane/Thor. R.

The Drumming Inside Her
she can feel everyone looking at her, waiting for her to break or give up. they don't understand. she made a promise too. Jane Foster, Jane/Thor. PG.

The Salt Skin; @AO3, @bigbang
one day sif walks to the edge of the bifrost to see compelled to see where loki had fallen. At the same time jane is testing a way to open the bifrost. by accident sif falls to earth. what happens after she never would have expected, and then she finds loki. Sif, Sif/Loki, Jane/Thor. R.

Enveloped In A Sad Distraction
Sif is well aware she shaped her own life but at times it feels like Thor handed her the hammer and Loki the chisel. Post-film. Sif, Sif/Loki. PG.

Unexpected Every Time
five times Darcy catches Sif and Loki in flagrante. Darcy, Sif/Loki. PG-13.

So He Won't Break
Darcy thinks Loki needs a friend, that you know, isn’t still super angry at him. Darcy, Loki, Jane/Thor. PG.

It's All About the Takedown
sif is angry and loki helps calm her down. highschool au. Sif, Sif/Loki. PG.

The Trials and Tribulations of Courting of a Prince
sif has learned that dating a prince she's supposed to be protecting is harder when that prince is loki. modern au. Sif, Sif/Loki. PG-13.


Tron: Legacy

Out Of These Waters
There are fairy tales about stories like hers, but she didn’t just become a real girl, she’s been one all along. Quorra, Flynn, BIT, gen. G.


V (2009)

The Spinner's Web
the war started with them, it ends with them too. Erica, Anna. G.


The Vampire Diaries

The Morning Light
It's all changed now. The picture she thought her life would be like. Elena, Stefan/Elena. PGish.


Veronica Mars

Four Conversations Meg Manning Never Has and One She Probably Does (extra link.)
As the report goes on Logan and Meg look at each other and start to laugh. AU. Meg, Meg/Logan, Meg/Duncan, Meg/Piz. PG-13.


Young Justice

Take Care of Your Own
Supergirl finds out about Superboy and she’s not happy to be the last to know. Kara Zor-El, Superboy, Superman, YJ team. G.

The Sound of Ripples
Artemis and Kaldur go for a swim. Artemis, Artemis/Kaldur. PG-13.
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